Top attractions in Granada

Description: GranadaGranada stands apart from most other tourist locations for a variety of reasons. It has got a vibrant nightlife, long cultural history and plenty of places which are worth visiting. The Sierra Nevada Mountains in close proximity are perfect for enjoying trekking and skiing. Here is a look into all such attractions in Granada which make it a paradise for tourists.

The biggest attraction in Granada is Al Alhambra (La Alhambra in Spanish). It is an imposing medieval structure which served as a palace, fortress and a citadel. It was the seat of Islamic rulers who ruled here during 13th and 14th centuries. The kings, prominent government officials and military leaders were housed here during that time. Over the years, it has got developed as a major tourist destination.

The beauty of La Alhambra is exemplary and attracts numerous tourists to Granada every year. Owing to its grandeur and historical importance, UNESCO has recognized it as a World Heritage Site. This grand palace happens to be a fine example of Moorish architecture. One may find a number of fountains, cascades and other structures in plenty here.

Alcazaba and Nasrid are two prominent Nasrid Palaces and have an exemplary beauty. The numerous rooms, courtyards, gardens and fountains mesmerize every visitor with their sheer beauty. When in Granada, do not forget to visit these palaces for paying a tribute to the Moorish architecture at its best.

There are a couple of smaller Moorish structures in Granada which are exquisitely built. These structures include the Hammam or Arab Baths. The Moorish royals used to have bath here. One may find a number of such structures dotting the entire region.

La Catedral de Granada is another medieval structure which is a must visit place in Granada. This grand cathedral was built in the 16th century and happens to be Spain's finest Renaissance style church. Quite interestingly, some form of construction keeps going on at this cathedral. In fact, this grand cathedral has been a famous tourist destination for centuries along with the Nasrid Palaces.

Museo Cuevas Sacromonte is a popular museum which provides a deep insight into the rich history of this region. Various aspects of life in this region are waiting to be explored in this museum. Here, one may find archaeological remains, traditional handicrafts and other interesting stuff.

Those tourists, who wish to explore this extremely beautiful place for a period of over three days, ought to get a bono card. Armed with this bono card, they can get discounts at entry fee to major tourist destinations in this region. Apart from that, it enables them to have a direct entry to most of the prominent places here.

Granada can be reached by catching a flight from Madrid, Barcelona and other domestic and foreign locations. It has got an excellent rail and road connectivity with all major cities in the country. When in Granada, getting around is made pretty easy by the network of buses which cover its length and breadth. Alternatively, one may hire a taxi and visit the different places of attraction.