Unexplored destinations in Spain

Description: Unexplored SpainSpain is mostly famous for its serene beaches, easy availability of alcohol and a couple of major cities. However, tourists are oblivious to a major portion of this beautiful country, which is as beautiful as its more famous counterparts. These regions include Galicia, Asturias, Nerja, Belchite, Cercedilla and Teguise. All of these regions remain hidden from an average tourist but are worth visiting.

Galicia and Asturias
Galicia and Asturias regions have picturesque landscape consisting of mountain ranges, valleys, forests and meadows. There are a couple of lakes in these regions and a number of rivers flow through here. To have a close look at the real Spain, every individual ought to visit these places at least once. Each one of these regions has its own regional cuisine and a unique culture as well.

Picos de Europa National Park is an important place worth visiting in Asturias. One may find a number of historical monuments and national parks here. Nature lovers ought to visit Parque San Francisco in Oviedo. This park is among the biggest parks in the region and is dotted by a number of ponds and gardens. Peacocks and other wild birds keep the place buzzing with their musical calls.

The local cuisine is worth trying. Eatables like fabada, local cheese and Tortilla de Patata must be tasted when present in Asturias. Oviedo has a buzzing night life as well. Party lovers can enjoy any one out of couple of night clubs located here. While in a pub, watch how bartenders pour the drink as their way of doing so is an interesting one.

In addition to Asturias, Galicia is another tourist destination which ought not to be missed. This is a historic place which has been inhabited for over thousands of years. There are a couple of historic buildings in this province. Tower of Hercules in La Coru┼ła, historic Roman walls in Lugo and old town of Santiago de Compostela are simply amazing. 

Entroido is a major festival that is celebrated during February or March every year. The origin of this festival is said to be Roman, but it has got developed as a Christian celebration. Though it is celebrated in all cities of this province, each of them tends to have its own style and local flavor. Fancy dress parades and musical events are held throughout the province.

Nerja is located along eastern Costa del Sol, northern Spain. It is famous for the pre-historic caves that are dated over 30,000 years old. Sierra Nevada Mountains happen to be pretty near Nerja where skiing is enjoyed by visitors. Tapa is a popular food item in this region and is made from meatballs, tomato sauce and Spanish tortilla.

Other important locations
There are a couple of historic places located in this region. These places include Teguise, Cercedilla and Belchite. A number of historic palaces and huge mansions are found in Teguise. Cercedilla is known for Roman era structures including bridges and roads. Belchite happened to bear the brunt of the painful Civil War and it has been preserved as a remembrance to the same.