Description: AntalyaAntalya or the historical city of Attalia is located along the Turkish Mediterranean coast and a popular city among travelers. In fact, it has remained quite popular among travelers throughout the history for its splendid beauty, beautiful beaches and magnificent mountains. Above features coupled with the ruins of ancient city attract millions of tourists every year.

Antalya has a lot to offer for tourists with all types of taste. Those interested in exploring its rich history can visit Kaleici, archaeological museum, ancient ruins and other buildings of historical importance including an ancient Roman theater. Visitors looking for lively parties and serene beaches can visit Kemer, Cirali and Patara etc.

Kaleici is an old quarter which houses most of the historic buildings of this city. It is well protected by the ancient walls and the imposing Hadrianus Gate which is worth a look. The Aspendos Theater is an ancient Roman theater which can be visited as well. There are numerous buildings of historic importance and an archaeology museum, all of which ought to be visited. The archaeology museum has a pretty vast collection and is essentially a must visit place.

The most prominent historical buildings in this region include Yivli Minaret, Hidirlik Tower, Iskele Mosque, Clock Tower, Hadrian Arch, Karatay Medresesi and a number of beautifully built mosques. Quite interestingly, a number of structures present here are dated back to the Hellenistic era.

There are a number of avenues where visitors can enjoy delicious local cuisine and drinks as well. The nightlife of this city is quite lively and renowned for the buzz it generates in the entire city. Numerous discotheques, pubs and bars are popular among domestic and foreign tourists alike.

Numerous places of tourist interest can be found around the city. The beaches at Cirali and Patara are renowned for their serenity. In fact, Patara has golden sand beaches that are worth a visit. Olimpos is popular for its pebble beaches and tree-houses. These places have the best known beaches in this entire region.

Another sea side region nearby is Kemer, situated along south-west of Antalya. There are a number of places of historic importance here as well. Kas is a beautiful place located at some distance from the city. It is a pretty serene place with not much rush of tourists. This feature makes it an ideal place for an extended and quiet vacation.

The region in and around Antalya is renowned for best Roman era ruins one may find anywhere in the city. The Roman theaters at Aspendos and Perge are considered among the largest Roman theaters found anywhere.

Antalya can be visited during most parts of the year spare the summer season. It can be reached from any part of the country and rest of the world. The Antalya airport connects it with most parts of the world. Tourists from Europe, notably Greece, can reach here by catching a ferry ride from Rhode, Greece. It enjoys good connectivity with rest of the country with an excellent train service.