Bodrum travel guide

Description: BodrumBodrum is essentially the heart of Turkish tourism. This coastal city is extremely popular among foreign as well as domestic tourists. Bodrum is popular for being an ancient city, historical hamams or baths, numerous avenues of tourist interest, modern lifestyle, water sports, cruises and of course, hip-hop parties that attract countless foreign tourists.

This city is an amusing mix of historic as well as modern avenues of interest. The castles, ancient amphitheater, remains of an ancient mausoleum, and museums offer a glimpse into the history of the city. Quite contrastingly, the serene beach, night clubs, restaurants, bars, expensive supermarkets etc are some of the modern avenues that are immensely popular among tourists as well.

The major landmarks in the city include Castle of St Peter, The Bodrum Amphitheater, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology and remains of ancient Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. The Bodrum Castle or Castle of St Peter was built in 1402 by Knights Hospitaller and houses a nice museum.

Visitors to this city ought not to miss the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology which is renowned around the world for its interesting displays. These displays include finds from underground excavations. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, an ancient wonder, was built in BC 355 by family of King Mausolos. Unfortunately, it got destroyed during course of history and one can see only some of its remains.

There are numerous activities worth enjoying in the city. Enjoying sun-bathing, boating, cruises and water sports along the splendid beaches are some of the activities that every tourist must enjoy. The most popular beaches along this region are those between Halikarnas and the castle and those at Gumbez and Bitez. Loud music is often played here for entertainment of tourists.

The bay is an excellent place for enjoying windsurfing. High season is the time for windsurfing competitions that make visit to this place quite an interesting one. Diving and scuba tours are organized by numerous clubs and ought not to be missed. Yacht tours are also organized here which are pretty enjoyable as well.

Enjoying the Turkish hamam is another amusing activity that must be indulged in. Located near the harbor, it can be enjoyed by both sexes. Enjoy a camel ride at the beautiful Tropical Camel Beach. This beach can be reached easily with the help of public transport.

The modern part of Bodrum is dotted with fine restaurants, pubs and nightclubs that ought to be visited once. The numerous restaurants offer a slew of cuisines including the local and international ones, delicious fish, seafood, pizza, lahmacun, pide and kebabs etc.

The best time to visit this extremely interesting city is from November to March. It ought to be avoided during summer season that begins from April, due to immense heat. Bodrum can be reached by catching a flight to Bodrum-Milas airport. Ferry service connects it with Greek Islands and bus service connects it with other major cities in the country.