Description: CappadociaThe Cappadocia Region is an unusually amusing place which is worth a visit. Tourist may find its features such as unique geography, underground cities and rock houses particularly interesting. This place has been inhabited for thousands of years and remnants of ancient structures still attract tourists from all parts of the globe.

Cappadocia consists of interesting towns like Avanos, Goreme, Nevsehir, Ortahisar and Uchisar. Ortahisar and Uchisar are renowned for their rock castles that have imposing structures. Whole region is dotted with unusual rock formations formed over thousands of years ago. These curious rock formations arouse quite a lot of interest in visitors.

Numerous ancient, underground cities such as Ozkonak, Derinkuyu, Mazikoy and Kaymakli etc are places worth visiting. Quite interestingly, these underground cities consist of caves and well crafted tunnels that can be up to eight stories high (or deep, whichever way you may comprehend them!). Do visit these places and have a glimpse of the way in which these have been carved out.

The old Greek houses in Sinasos can be watched as well. These age old houses reflect quite a lot about ancient way of living in this region. The open air museums at Goreme and Zelve too, are worth a visit. Numerous ancient era artifacts, sculptures and excavations can be found well preserved here. These are essentially must visit places for every tourist irrespective of his or her interest in history.

There are a couple of activities worth indulging in the Cappadocia Region. A popular activity here is hiking in Guvercinlik Valley and Rose Valley. Maps of these regions are available at local tourist offices and most hotels. There are few scenic valleys around here that can be explored. The Ihlara Canyon is another region which is worth visiting.

Hot Air Balloon Tours are popular are quite popular in Goreme. The ride lasts for around one hour and is a great way of exploring Cappadocia Valley. The ride is quite a splendid one and worth a try. Enjoying Cross Golf is another activity which ought to be indulged in. There are numerous avenues of tourist interest where Cross Golf can be enjoyed.

When anywhere in Cappadocia, do not forget to taste the delicious local cuisine. Kebabs, spiced meat, apricots etc are worth relishing. Prominent dishes include Manti, Testi Kebap, Pastirmali kuru fasulye etc. This region is renowned for being largest wine producer in entire country.

Tourists can enjoy the local wines at anyone of the numerous wineries. It is said that visit to this region is complete only after a visit to Turasan Wine Factory. Do not miss out on this activity.

Cappadocia is a vast region and is best visited by hiring a tour package or a car. It can be reached via a flight from Istanbul or Kayseri. From Kayseri, tourists can catch a bus to Goreme and other places in this region. Visiting it as a part of larger Western Turkey tour can be well considered.