Hierapolis and Pamukkale

Description: Hierapolis and PamukkaleHierapolis and Pamukkale are two ancient Greco-Roman cities that are located on top of hot springs. These were inhabited around 2nd century BC and have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO for their historic importance. There are a number of ancient sites here that are worth visiting.

The natural hot springs had attracted numerous visitors from near and far during the times when these cities were in their prime. Both these cities have long and interesting history and are great for single day tours. These days, the baths and ruins of temples and other prominent buildings attract a large number of tourists every year.

Hierapolis was built with meticulous planning as streets can be seen here running perpendicular or parallel to the main street. Remains of the imposing gates that guarded these streets can be found here. One prominent gate was Domitian gate that stands close to northern gate of the city. The splendid built of these gates can instill a sense of awe among the visitors even today.

There are a number of worth visiting monuments in Hierapolis. The prominent ones include Roman Theater, antique pools and baths, Necropolis, Temple of Apollo, Martyrium, Plutonium and Nymphaeum. All these sites were built exquisitely and are essentially architectural wonders. The theater had a seating capacity of over 15000 people and all entrances were flanked by statues and reliefs that depicted mythological figures.

The Temple of Apollo was another architectural wonder. However, passing times have ravaged it. These days, only ruins of this temple remain. Next to the temple is Plutonium, a sacred area dedicated to god Pluto. The Nymphaeum, Necropolis and St Phillip Martyrium are other places of interest that can be visited. Guided tours are available here in which an English guide narrates interesting tales about history as well as mythology related to this region.

Hierapolis Archaeology Museum is a great place to have a glimpse on the ancient way of life in the region. Excavations in the places surrounding Hierapolis, Pamukkale and other nearby towns have been put on display here. Statues, pillars, gravestones, and inscriptions etc are worth a watch. There are separate galleries for tombs and statues, artifacts and ruins from the theater.

The Travertines of Pamukkale too are famous among tourists. The calcium cliff bathing pools have remained as good as new all these years and ought to be visited. Night tours are also offered here and there is a good light arrangement for aiding the same. The large natural swimming pool along with ancient baths is popular among tourists for having a bath.

There are a number of sites worth visiting around this region. Such places include Laodikya, Karahayit and caves at Kaklik. The caves at Kaklik resemble Pamukkale in a number of ways. But the structures here are built underground and provide a treat to your eyes. The red spring at Karahayit is another place which is worth a look. Laodikya happens to find a reference in the Bible as well. It is a serene place that offers a nice landscape to be explored.