Turkey Black Sea Region

Description: Turkey, Black Sea RegionBlack Sea Turkey Region is a fairly large region in northern Turkey and is renowned for its sheer natural beauty, ruins and probably the most visibly striking monastery in the world. There are cities with quite a few beaches, stunning landscape and buzzing nightlife. It serves as the gateway for the tourists to explore the north-eastern region of the country.

The Eastern Karadeniz Region in Black Sea Turkey Region is essentially the most enriched region in terms of tourist interest. This region is heavily mountainous and is covered with lush green forests. The landscape in this region is quite stunning dotted with lakes, glaciers, hills and valleys.

There are a number of ruins of Georgian era structures such as churches and citadels etc which can be given a visit. A number of them are well preserved with their original structure still intact. Trekking is a popular activity in this region as it is dotted with some of the finest avenues ideal for it.

Trabzon is the biggest city in the region and essentially a must visit one. There are some fine places worth visiting in and around this city. These include Hagia Sophia Museum and Lake Uzungol. A glimpse of some stunning frescoes can be had in Hagia Sophia museum.

The Sumela Monastery offers a stunning view as it is situated right on the edge of a cliff. Its location can easily instill sense of awe among visitors. This is a must visit place and no tour to the region can be considered complete without a visit to this place. Guided tours are available to The Sumela Monastery and can be hired from Trabzon.

Giresun is another prominent city in the region which deserves a visit. There are a couple of places of interest here including an ancient citadel, Giresun Museum and the Giresun Island. The ancient citadel has an imposing structure and has been well preserved over the years. It has a couple of modern avenues of interest as well and has a thriving nightlife.

Giresun Museum is housed in an 18th century Greek Cathedral. It is an interesting place to visit with quite a lot of interesting and historical items on display. The Giresun Island was home to a legendary clan of warriors, known as Amazons, who were prominently females. Ruins of age old fortifications and temples of this clan can still be found here.

Other places of interest in Black Sea Turkey region include cities like Safranbolu, Samsun, Sinop and Amasra. Safranbolu is renowned for housing well preserved Ottoman era buildings and whitewashed houses. Sinop is located along Turkey’s northernmost region and is an ancient fortified port city.

Amasra is a picturesque sea side town having a beautiful beach, numerous fish restaurants and beautiful buildings. The fish restaurants are renowned for tasty fish and ought to be visited. Samsun is another prominent coastal city in the region that can be paid a visit.

Local cuisine such as pide, kofte, kiymali, kebabs, vakfikebir ekmegi (local bread), corn, anchovy and fish in coastal areas must be enjoyed. Most regions have delicious traditional drinks as well that can be tasted.