Turkey travel guide

Description: TurkeyTurkey, the land of crescent moon, is one place which everyone ought to visit at least once to have a glimpse of its immense beauty. Located just east of Greece and Bulgaria, it spans across West Asia and Europe, the only country with such a unique distinction. There are innumerable places of interest in Turkey that are spread across this country.

The ancient Roman ruins, domes and minarets of Istanbul, a splendid coastline, crazy parties of Bodrum, magnificent mountains in the east and beautiful landscape of Central Anatolia – all these cater to tourists with all sorts of taste. Every tourist, regardless of his or her budget, will find Turkey extremely interesting.

Summing Turkey in a few words is among the most difficult tasks. This country is an amazingly curious mix of west and east, Europe and Asia and Islam and other major religions, Christianity being most prominent among them.

Istanbul, the biggest city in the country, is indeed a tourist heaven. It bridges Europe and Asia, literally as well as culturally, as it is located quite uniquely across both these continents. The gigantic wealth of religious and historic places in Istanbul includes monuments like Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque, Basilica Cintern, and a host of castles, museums, streets and markets.

The capital city, Ankara, is the second biggest city in the country and a prominent tourist destination as well. Major places of interest in Ankara include Anitkabir Mausoleum, Atakule Tower, Roman Baths, Temple of Augustus and a number of interesting museums. There are a number of worth visiting places around the city including Beypazarı, Gordion, Black Sea Coast and Anatolia etc.

Bodrum, situated along the southern Aegean coast of the country, is a fascinating place and too popular to be missed. It is the perfect mix of modernity and tradition. The historic ruins can be seen well preserved. At the same time, enjoy a quality time with tourists from around the world by partying hard, enjoying the serene beaches and a number of cultural events.

Izmir is an ancient city, second biggest port in the country and an extremely developed one as well. Prominent places of interest here include Konak Square, Asansor, historic streets, splendid beaches and Kemeraltr – a big marketplace. Urfa is another beautiful city having beautiful architecture.

The Black Sea region in northern part of the country is the perfect place for enjoying natural beauty, Georgian era ruins, ancient cities and a number of interesting activities such as trekking and rafting. This region is made up of a number of cities including Amasya, Amasra, Giresun, Sinop, Trabzon and Sumela. All these places are renowned for one or another reason.

Cappadocia is another place worth a visit due to its unique landscape. One may find its unique moon-like landscape pretty interesting. Along with this, its cave churches, underground cities and rock houses etc instill a sense of awe among visitors.

When you are anywhere in Turkey, do not forget to taste the delicious local cuisine. The cuisine is pretty vast and so are the numerous local drinks that ought to be tasted. Collect carpets, silk, earthenware, desserts and other items as memorabilia.