Description: BathBath, a World Heritage Site located near Bristol, is essentially a historic city. The Roman period baths, hot springs, splendid Georgian architecture and medieval era heritage make it a unique place. It has everything that a tourist attraction can offer to visitors: guided tours, museums, interesting places, theaters, clubs, cinemas and a vibrant night life.

Romans built the splendid Roman Baths over two thousand years ago. Natural hot springs fuel these baths and these happen to attract numerous tourists every year. Tourists simply marvel at the mix of medieval, Roman and Georgian architecture in its prime. These baths have been maintained pretty well and out to be visited.

Pulteney Bridge & Pulteney Weir is located nearby the historic Roman baths across the Parade Gardens. The Pulteney Bridge is a historic bridge and overlooks the Pulteney Weir. The Weir is a popular destination for boating tours during summer season.

Great Pulteney Street is another place in the city which is worth a visit. It is a Georgian street across the Pulteney Bridge. Visitors can enjoy strolling across the picturesque Laura Palace fountain, a visit to the Holborne Musuem, Sydney Gardens and a recreation ground.

Another building with a splendid architecture is The Royal Crescent. In actual, it is a crescent in semi-elliptic shape and was built way back in 1774. There are eight such crescents in entire city of Bath and it is a prominent one among these. These crescents are simply stunning to watch. Tourists can walk around the campus and have a glimpse of the Georgian era architecture at its best.

Prominent tourist attractions in the city include Sion Hill, Sally Lunn’s Museum, Walcot street, American museum, Thermae Bath spa, Beckford’s Tower and rest of Crescents at Bath. Sion Hill is a wealthy neighborhood and perfect for a stroll and viewing Bath stone buildings.

One can even visit numerous museums and art galleries present here. The prominent ones include No 1 Royal Crescent, Bath Museum, Museum of Costume, Holburne Arts Museum, Jane Austen Center, Hershel Museum of Astronomy and Museum of East Asian Arts. All these museums have a specialty of their own and cater to various tastes.

For instance, Bath Museum depicts how life has developed in this city over the past few centuries. It is a nice place to explore the city’s history. Tourists can visit the Museum of Costume for having a look into the way dressing up has got evolved in Bath. Art enthusiasts can visit the Holburne Museum of Arts for watching some great pieces of art.

A number of interesting events are organized in this city throughout the year. The prominent ones include theatre, concerts and musical festivals. Check local listings to get an idea whether any one of these is being held when you are visiting the city. It is the best place in entire England to enjoy a bath in hot natural waters.