Majestic Manchester

Description: ManchesterManchester is a huge city located in Northern England and arguably the second biggest one after London. Tourism has received major impetus in past few years, mainly owing to 2002 Commonwealth Games that were organized here. One may find a number of must visit places here in this city which remains cloudy and overcast for most parts of the year.

During medieval times it was a small town, but it progressed rapidly during the industrial revolution. Besides that, it is credited for having a major influence on UK music and giving birth to club culture.

The Millennium Quarter is essentially the heart of the city and was rebuilt during the last few years of the last millennium and got its name from this development. Prominent places of interest here include the Manchester Wheel, Manchester Cathedral, People’s History Museum, St Anne’s Church, and St Mary’s Catholic Church etc.

The Manchester Cathedral is a medieval era cathedral and has a pretty dark color, both from inside and outside. A number of cultural events are organized here as well which are worth attending. Classical music events are organized at the St Ann’s Church which is one of the few surviving churches of the medieval era in the city.

Visit the West Central district for enjoying the beauty of St John’s Gardens, Museum of Science and Industry, age old Roman fort, G-Mex, Bridgewater Hall and The Merchant’s Bridge. The Roman fort is among the few remaining Roman settlements in the city and an interesting place to be visited. A number of prominent events are organized at G-Mex which can be of extreme interest for everyone.

The Universities Corridor is home to few important universities from which this district has got its name. There a number of places worth visiting here which include The Curry Mile, Gallery of Costume, The Palace Theatre, Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery. Visitors can also enjoy interesting activities like swimming at Aquatics Center, boating and grabbing delicacies from around the world.

The Curry Mile is an interesting place which is worth visiting. It is one mile stretch of road where shops of curry, jewelry, clothing etc can be found. Quite interestingly, it has the highest concentration of restaurants specializing in curry. The Manchester Museum is in many ways, the city’s answer to Natural History Museum of London. Visit here for watching real dinosaur skeletons, Egyptian mummies and numerous pieces of art.

Some places worth visiting are oblivious to most eyes, even that of the locals. These places include historic Chetham's Library, Trinity Bridge, The Hulme Bridge, Merchant's Bridge, Parsonage Gardens, Portico Library and Gallery and Midland Bank Building. Since most locals do not know about existence of these places, asking for directions can be futile. Look for directions using website of tourist department instead.

Manchester is home to active sporting activity as well. Visitors may enjoy football matches that are watched with great enthusiasm. Manchester City and Manchester United are two prominent sporting clubs and their merchandise is popular among tourists for collection purposes.