Description: Stratford-upon-AvonThe birthplace of legendary English poet and playwright William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, is a historic town located in Warwickshire. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in entire England which ought to be paid a visit by every tourist. Quite interestingly, buildings of Shakespeare’s era have been well preserved which attract thousands of tourists every year.

One place which no one can afford to miss is Shakespeare’s birthplace. His birthplace and home for early years has become a sort of magnet for tourists. Do have a look at the magnificent 16th century décor and numerous other authentic items that are worth a look. Gardens in the vicinity provide this place a picturesque look.

Ann Hathaway's Cottage is a romantic cottage in hamlet of Shottey at some distance from the town center. This place is also linked with Shakespeare as his girlfriend, and later wife, Ann Hathaway used to live here before her marriage. This place too, has been renovated with authentic stuff and is an important tourist destination.

Visitors should also pay a visit to Falstaff, one of most haunted buildings and quite unique in its own way. It is among preferred destination for movie producers for shooting horror movies! It even houses the largest museum dedicated to Tudor era. Tourists can enjoy lantern-lit ghost tours of this building as well.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre is a prestigious theater, not only in Stratford, but in entire United Kingdom. Pay a visit here for enjoying theatrical performances, which are organized almost every other day. The Wyrd Museum and Henley Street Theatre is another theater with some interesting content on display.

Some activities are worth enjoying in Stratford. Taking ghost tours at the Creaky Cauldron is among such popular activities. Candlelit ghost tours, ghost hunts, paranormal investigations etc are popular among tourists. Getting an advance booking is always helpful as the tickets remain in hot demand throughout the year.

Visitors can enjoy guided walks as well. Prominent avenues for the same include Terrifying Tales with the Master of the Macabre, Stratford Town Ghost Walk / Ghost Cruise and Stratford Town Walk. Stratford Town Walk is about tour of the town, its history and some nice information about Shakespeare.

Ghost tours like Terrifying Tales with the Master of the Macabre and Stratford Town Ghost Walk / Ghost Cruise are popular for the thrill and excitement that these happen to generate. Stories about ghosts, witches and murder etc are accompanied by magic tricks in these tours.

There are some places around Stratford that are worth visiting. Warwick Castle is one such place which can be visited for a single day tour. It is a medieval era castle converted into a museum and operated by world renowned Madame Tussauds.

Stratford can be reached easily from London, Birmingham and other parts of the country by train or driving. Being a small place, one can easily walk around the area. Do not forget to collect memorabilia, mainly related with Shakespeare, and enjoy the local delicacies.