UK Travel Guide

Description: UK Travel GuideUnited Kingdom, popularly abbreviated as UK, is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It comprises of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and numerous smaller islands. It is essentially a complete tourist destination, offering countless avenues of tourism.

A number of cities spread across the constituent countries are must visit places. These include London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester. These cities are home to some of the finest palaces, cathedrals, other buildings and prominent landmarks.

London, the capital city of England, is a major city not only in the region but in the entire world. It is a world class city which boasts of a terrific architecture, numerous places worth visiting and buzzing night life. Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, The London Bridge, London Eye and dozens of museums and galleries are some of the places of interest here.

Another prominent city in the UK is Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Like most other cities in UK, Belfast is full of avenues worth visiting for every tourist. Prominent places here include the City Hall, Baths Gallery, Saint Anne's Cathedral, The Waterfront Hall, Belfast Zoo, Belfast Castle and numerous museums.

Birmingham is the second biggest city in entire UK and another must visit one. It boasts of a canal network much bigger than that of Venice, numerous museums and art galleries, parks and clubbing avenues. Traditionally being an industrial city, Cardiff – the capital of Wales – has emerged as another popular city here. Visit Cardiff for enjoying Cardiff Castle, futuristic Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay and other avenues.

Edinburgh symbolizes the perfect mix of modernity with tradition. Enjoy the throbbing night life while marveling at the splendid modern architecture and visiting the age old castles, palaces and other landmarks. Another city with similar characteristics is Liverpool. It is known for multi-culturism, sports, music and a buzzing nightlife.

Besides these world renowned cities, there are plenty of other popular tourist destinations as well. These places are spread across the entire United Kingdom and it pays to have a long vacation just to have a glimpse of each one of these. These include Giant’s Causeway, Gower Peninsula, Isle of Arran, Loch Ness, Peak District and Stonehenge.

The Loch Ness Lake in Scotland is famous for being home to mysterious Loch Ness Monster or Nessie. Besides the fable, Loch Ness is extremely beautiful place to visit. Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site, being home to some pre-historic stone monuments. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in entire Europe.

One may also find numerous regional specialties worth trying in most parts of the country. The prominent ones include Black Pudding, Cornish pasty, Deep Fried Mars Bar, Lancashire Hotpot, Pork pie, sausages and cakes.

United Kingdom has a perfect blend of cultures from around the world. Thus, one may be enjoy a glimpse of traditional celebrations of migrants belonging to various prominent religions. Make it a point to check the local listings to have an idea of the celebrations lined up in the various parts of the country when you pay a visit here.