Chicago, the city of shoulders

Description: ChicagoChicago is famous for being a major tourist destination for a variety of reasons. It is the home of skyscrapers and jazz, a driver of development and use of railroads became popular from here. It is a city with warm heart that offers all metropolitan amenities. The skyscrapers strewn all across the city make it a treat to watch.

There are swathes of regions available to be explored here, which can take even months to be explored in entirety. When in Chicago, take pride in exploring the city on foot, its iconic neighborhoods and the elevated subways. There are probably only a few cities elsewhere in the world that match the elegance and style that offered by this iconic city.

The place where this city stands today was covered by swamps and prairies in distant past. It got developed in the 19th century and was reborn from its ashes after a major fire destroyed the city. In the process, it earned various nicknames including The White City, City of the Big Shoulders, The Second City and The City That Works.

The museums in Chicago are renowned around the globe. Apart from the museums, other cultural institutions too, are pretty famous. Museum Campus, a region along the Lake Michigan, houses three of the most famous ones. These include Adler Planetarium, Field Museum of Natural History and Museum of Science and Industry. All these museums have disparate themes which cater to different interests.

Another aspect of tourism in Chicago which is worth mentioning is that of the various discount packages on offer. These include Go Chicago Pass and Chicago City Pass. By purchasing these packages, tourists can visit a number of major tourist attractions including museums easily. These cards can help in jumping queues, legally of course, and availing discounts in restaurants.

Lake Michigan, the fifth largest lake in entire world, is an important tourist attraction here. Referred to as the Third Coast of United States, it offers numerous activities for tourists. Visitors can relax on any one of the numerous beaches on the lake or enjoy various water sports.

Activities like kayaking, windsurfing and canoeing etc are popular among the visitors coming here. Tourists can enjoy boat rides or luxury cruises as well. All sorts of on-board activities are available on luxury cruises. These cruises halt on numerous islands in this great lake, allowing tourists to enjoy themselves.

Lakefront parks such as Grant Park, Millennium Park, Midway Park and Washington Park etc offer quite a lot of entertainment. Numerous music festivals are organized at Grant Park every year. Millennium Park has a lot to offer people of all ages. Jackson Park has got a number of picturesque gardens and sports, mainly in form of golf.

One may find one festival or another being organized in Chicago almost every other week. Major festivals that are held here include Taste of Chicago, Gospel Fest, Lollapalooza, Jazz Fest etc. Plan carefully and you may enjoy the festivities to the core.