Entertainment capital of World – Las Vegas

Description: Las VegasCall it Sin City or the Entertainment capital of world, Las Vegas remains one of most popular cities in entire world. It is famous for the numerous casinos, nightlife, strip clubs, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Replicas of various popular buildings around the globe can be found here. These include those of Sphinx from Egypt, Eiffel Tower from Paris, France and Taj Mahal from India.

It is located in the middle of nowhere and was established only in 1905. Originally inhabited by Spaniards, this city is built in a desert. It is popular for the happening nightlife and the millions of dollars that are won and lost in gambling everyday. The area down south, called the Strip, houses all the major hotels, restaurants and casinos.

One may find themed fountains, blinding lights and zooming cars everywhere in this region. The view can send waves of thrill down the spine of any individual. There is a buzz everywhere around during night. Thousands of individuals try their hands in various gambling based games. Poker, roulette, bingo and other games are played across all the casinos with an equal fervor.

You got to have plenty of money to eat, gamble and splurge while in the iconic city of Las Vegas. There are numerous shopping malls everywhere around in this city. Here, one can collect all sorts of items such as souvenirs, compact discs, clothes and other memorabilia from any one of the numerous shopping malls here. A joke goes around in the city that one or another mall is always under construction in this city.

One may be amazed to know that almost all hotels have something to offer for the visitors. The fountains at The Bellagio are known for dancing to the tunes of music which plays out at the hotel. Numerous individuals can be found just staring at the fountains when these are in full swing. The scene of fountains playing to the music is truly mesmerizing.

Exotic varieties of various animals are on display in numerous hotels and casinos. For example, MGM Grand Lion Habitat is famous for its collection of lions brought here from faraway lands. Fish, including sharks and other varieties are housed at the Mandalay Bay and Golden Nugget.

Strip shows are on the offer for those guests who can afford spending few bucks. Getting around the city is very easy with the numerous taxis that keep on plying throughout day and night in the city. There are plenty of activities on the offer for every individual including rock climbing, skiing, hiking and mountain biking. There are plenty of avenues for enjoying these activities such as Spring Mountains, Las Vegas Ski, Snowboard Resort and Red Rock Canyon.

Quite few important tourist destinations are located around the city. The world renowned Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead Recreational area and Zion National Park are only some of these. Mt. Charleston is both a skiing hotbed and a popular tourist attraction as well. One can reach Death Valley, Desert National Wildlife Range and Great Basin National Park easily by car.