New York Tourist attractions

Description: NewYork, Statue of LibertyNew York is the fifth largest city in the world and an important tourist destination in US and the entire world. Whether an individual wants to enjoy nightlife, American cuisine or sightseeing, there is plenty on offer here. It is composed of five boroughs or counties namely Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Richmond. Each of these is big enough to be a separate city and has numerous attractive places to be visited.

Immigrants from all over the world settled here in due course of time. This phenomenon has made it the most cosmopolitan city in the world. It houses numerous important buildings including UN headquarters, making it one of most important cities in the world as well.

One of the biggest attractions of the city is the Statue of Liberty which was famously gifted to it by France. It is a prominent tourist destination in the US and receives a record number of footfalls around the year. When at the Statue of Liberty, do not forget to collect a souvenir of the statue. And most importantly, get yourself photographed with a matching tiara.

Brooklyn Bridge is another prominent tourist destination in the New York City. The way it is illuminated during night is essentially mesmerizing. An equally wonderful experience is taking a ferry ride along the East River over which it is built. This bridge plays host to numerous festivities around the year and recently completed its 125 years. Bungee jumping is a popular activity among tourists.

Numerous important landmarks dot the city and ought to be seen. The World Trade Center site happens to be an important place to be visited. So is the Wall Street which houses the New York Stock Exchange which has got an impressive architecture. Here, one may come across the historic Federal Hall as well. The first president of United States, George Washington, was administered the oath of office here.

Other places of extreme interest in New York City include the Empire State Building and Grand Central Terminal. The Empire State Building remained tallest building in the world for a while and is still the tallest one in this city. Grand Central Terminal is among the busiest railway terminals around the world. The United Nations Headquarters is also located nearby.

The important events held throughout the year include Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Parade and St. Patrick's Day Parade. These are among the most popular events anywhere in the world and attract millions of visitors. Apart from these events, there are numerous operas, theaters and cinemas to enjoy all sorts of performances.

One may find delicacies from all around the world here in New York. Burgers, pizzas, bagels, sandwiches and cheesecakes are popular foodstuff. Plenty of restaurants and hotels cater to all taste-buds and budgets.

New York is reachable by flight from all major international and domestic cities. It is well connected by road and rail with all nearby and distant places in US. One ought to check local listings before setting for New York to make most of upcoming events and festivals.