Tourist attractions of Hawaii

Description: HawaiiAloha state Hawaii, is located right in the middle of Pacific Ocean. It is among the most beautiful places in the world and is renowned for its natural beauty. It is composed of over 19 volcanic islands spread over a large area. There are eight major islands and tourists are allowed to visit six of them. These include Hawaii (also known as Big Island), Oahu (the Capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is situated on Oahu), Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai.

There are plenty of activities which can be enjoyed in Hawaii. Snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and other water sports are for the adrenaline junkies. Quite amusingly, surfing is said to be the unofficial religion of the place and ought to be enjoyed once. Others can simply enjoy the serene beaches that provide tranquility to the soul. There are a few of national parks around here that can be ideal for a family visit.

There are a number of historical sites and museums around here. One should visit all these to have a look and feel of the place. Guided tours to the famous Pearl Harbor and other popular places are organized here. Tourists can also visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu to enjoy various cultural activities which can span across the whole day.

In fact, Oahu is famous for plenty of other activities as well. Shark snorkel dives are major attractions of the area. The divers are made to enter in cages and are lowered into a portion of sea which has plenty of shark population. This is quite a hair raising experience and certainly not for the faint hearted. Other attractions of the island include the North Shore, Diamond Head and Dole Plantation.

If you are planning to visit Hawaii during mid December to mid April, do visit the Maui Island. Here, massive Humpback whales migrate to the region. Humpback Whale Watching is a popular activity at this time and worth indulging in here. Molokini Crater is a volcanic crater which is partially submerged in water. It is a popular destination for snorkeling as well.

Hawaii, popularly known as the Big Island is popular for all sorts of water sports. Here, one can even swim with the wild dolphins, in the sea. This is essentially a lifetime experience! Helicopter tours can also be enjoyed to have a glimpse of the huge volcano and feel its heat.

To get around the various islands, one may have to take a flight or a ferry ride. Cruise ship tours are extremely popular which cater to most tastes and budgets. Plenty of activities are on offer on such tours including on board entertainment, boat tours and visit to exotic locations in and around Hawaii. Cruises of various durations can be booked depending on choice and preferred itinerary of the visitor.

One can taste plenty of mouth watering dishes in various islands of Hawaii. The Hawaiian cuisine is mainly a blend of Portuguese, Asian, American and native Hawaiian cuisine. Beer is brewed locally and a number of local brewpubs are found in the whole state.