Visiting dynamic Disneyland, California

Description: Disney Land, CaliforniaDisneyland, California (Anaheim) is one of the perfect places for a family holiday. There are two different theme parks here along with separate district for entertainment and shopping and three major hotels. The two theme parks include original Disneyland and Disney California Adventure that came up in 2001. There is a whole lot entertainment on the offer and plenty of tasty food items to be grabbed.

The Disneyland theme park was inaugurated on July 18th, 1955. It has been adapted owing to modern world, but one may still find some classic attractions here. The number of all attractions adds up to 57, which is most for any Disney Theme Park. The major lands in this theme park are Main Street, USA, New Orleans Square, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Mickey's Toontown and Tomorrowland.

All these lands are based on one or other fictional or real land. One may find rides and other entertainment stuff which are themed on these very lands. For instance, Main Street USA has got a Disney Railroad which is excellent for having a ride of the entire area. It halts at 4 different stations and worth experiencing. Original Mickey Mouse Cartoons are shown at the theater here along with other cartoons.

On similar lines, all other lands have got exclusive entertainment stuff. There are rides of all sorts which take the visitors to imaginary haunted mansions, islands, wonderlands and even outer space! Roller coaster rides here are famous for scaring even the adrenaline junkies. In addition to that, there are walkthrough rides which take visitors to homes of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc.

Shows and parades are organized throughout the year, but may not be organized everyday during off season. Screens made of fireworks and jets of water are used to portray the Disney characters. These are pretty entertaining for everyone, but may not be suitable for young kids. Fireworks shows organized in Main Street, USA are popular and mesmerize every one with their grandeur.

There are plenty of options for eating out in Disneyland. However, it is advised to get a prior reservation to avoid missing out on seats. Popular restaurants here include Goofy's Kitchen and Blue Bayou Restaurant. Another place worth visiting is the Mimi's Café. It is a nice restaurant and is perfect for families on a budget trip. Each one of the different lands in both theme parks has got numerous restaurants and cafes to be enjoyed.

While visiting Disneyland, California, do not forget to enjoy maximum number of rides, adventure tours and collect photographs. Also, buy a couple of memorabilia from the numerous shops here. Another activity not to be forgotten is enjoying the various restaurants that offer delicacies from around the world.

Disneyland can be reached in multiple ways. There are few airports which are at driving distance from here. Visitors from San Francisco, Las Vegas and San Diego can reach here easily by car. In addition to that, local buses and trains can take you here pretty cheaply.