Visiting Washington DC

Description: Washington DCWashington DC is the capital of the United States of America. It has got more memorials, monuments and museums than in any other city in the world. It is definitely a world class metropolis with a buzzing nightlife, numerous avenues for dining and shopping. There are numerous worth visiting places for all tourists, regardless of the place where they come from.

Washington DC was founded as the capital of USA on 16 July, 1790. It got its name from George Washington, the honorable commander in chief of fight for independence of the country. It houses world renowned The White House, official house of US President. In fact, it is second in the list of America’s Favorite Architecture. It was open for visitors in past, but got closed due to various concerns.

Monuments and museums in the city are located along the Mall. This is a stretch of around two mile long parkland which offers a serene view. When in Washington DC, you can not afford to miss these museums. These offer a glimpse of almost every aspect of human life including history, science and technology and others. The numerous Smithsonian and non- Smithsonian museums ought to be visited at all costs.

The climate remains pleasant throughout the year, especially during fall and spring. The flowers of all sorts of colors, budding trees and cherry blossoms make spring an excellent time to visit the place. The period between April and Mid-May is the ideal time for visiting Washington DC. One may get amazed with the flow of tourists from all around the world during this time.

Important places worth visiting here include the Washington Monument, Vietnam War Memorial, National Gallery of Art, National History Museum and Air and Space Museum. Most of these tourist attractions are located along the Mall and can be visited quite easily. It is advised to all tourists to have a map of the city ready so as to not miss out on anything important.

Among other places in the city, The National Zoo located in Woodley Park ought to be visited. The National Cathedral is an imposing building and worth visiting as well. Embassy Row is located along the Dupont Circle and houses numerous impressive mansions. Other places of interest here include the Woodrow Wilson House, Phillips Collection and Textile Museum.

Numerous important festivals dot the entire calendar. These include National Independence Day (4th July), National Cherry Blossom Festival (April or late March) and National Kite Festival. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival focuses on various nations, their culture and music.

One has to check the timings of these festivals before visiting the capital city. When visiting Washington DC, checking local listings is important to avoid getting stuck in any of the numerous protests held here every year.
There is plenty to eat, watch and splurge here in Washington DC. One ought to have at least a couple of days’ time to have only a glimpse of the entire city. Reaching here is easy from all corners of the world and from anywhere else in the city with help of flight, rail or road.