2nd country of destination by international tourist arrivals in 2012
67.0 million visitors per year (+4.3)

TOP TRAVEL DESTINATION: The United States of America (USA)

Characteristics about USAUSA is a preferred top travel destination for many travelers from  the whole world. It also has the world's third largest population after China and India, with over 300 million people. USA is consisting of both densely populated cities with sprawling suburbs and vast, uninhabited and naturally beautiful areas. USA plays a dominant role in the world of cultural landscape and is famous for its wide array of top travel destination which ranges from the skyscrapers to the natural wonders to the warm, sunny beaches.

USA is home to some fabulous big city art museums not only this there’s also great art viewing in several smaller cities of the country. USA is habitat for people for nearly every corner of the world, who migrated to land of opportunities to be one of the rags to riches stories.

The Climate

US Congress HouseThe overall climate is of USA is temperate with few exceptions. Alaska has Arctic tundra, while Hawaii and South Florida are having tropical. During winter, the northern and mid-western major cities can see as much as 2 feet (61 cm) of snowfall in a day, with cold temperatures. Summers are humid, but mild. States close to Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico, may experience hurricanes between June and November.

The Great Plains & Mid-western states experiences tornadoes from the late spring to early fall, earlier in the south and later in the north. The Great Plains are dry, flat and grassy, turning into arid desert in the far West and Mediterranean along the California coast.

The Rockies are cold and snowy. Some parts of the Rockies see over 500 inches (1,200 cm) of snow in a season. Even during the summer, temperatures are cool in the mountains, and snow can fall nearly year-round.

The deserts of the South West is hot and dry during the summer, with temperatures often exceeding 100°F (38°C). Thunderstorms can be Skyskapersexpected in the south west frequently from July through September. Winters are mild, and snow is unusual.

The coastal North West is having cool and damp weather. Rain is most frequent during winter, snow is rare, especially along the coast and extreme temperatures are uncommon.

The North East and cities of the upper South are known for summers with temperatures reaching unto 32 C or more, with extremely high humidity, usually over 80%. The Northeast also experiences snow and at least once every few years there will be a dumping of the white stuff in enormous quantities.

The Culture and Religion

The United States of America is consisting of many diverse ethnic groups and the culture varies greatly across the vast area of the country and even within cities like New York. Despite this difference, there exists a strong sense of national identity and certain predominant cultural traits. There is great variation in the culture of the USA which varies from place to place as one will find Mississippi in the South to be very different culturally from Massachusetts in the North.

The United States is a secular nation. As USA is having mixed cultural background and so is the religion. The five major religions in USA are: Christian, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam.

Places to tour in USA

The main reason to be the top travel destination is the variety that places in USA offers. Here are some of the main tourist places in USA:

The Statue of Liberty New YorkWashington, D.C. — The national capital, filled with museums and monuments and also the multi-cultural communities.

Boston — Well known for its colonial history, sports and education.

New York City — The country's largest city and home for the financial services and media industries.

Chicago — The transportation hub of USA, with massive skyscrapers and other architectural gems.

Las Vegas – Having a vibrant pulsating city and the largest adult playground in the world. Everything in Las Vegas has been done on a grand and spectacular scale.

Los Angeles — The Hollywood city. Famous for the film industry, artists, beautiful mild weather and great natural beauty from mountains to beaches. Disneyland Resort in California is located in Anaheim which is approximately 20 miles South-East from Los Angeles.

Denali National Park, Alaska — Remote national park consisting North America's highest peak.

Miami — attracts sun-seeking northerners and home to a rich Caribbean culture

San Francisco — The Bay city, featuring the Golden Gate Bridge and vibrant urban neighborhoods.

Seattle — Known for museums, monuments and recreational opportunities.

Golden Gate bridgeWhen to go

The weather variation is common for this top travel destination but the main holiday season is, naturally, summer, which is typically begins from the last week of May and ends on/around the first week of September. Spring from March to May and fall September to November are another best time but the spring in parts of the Rockies and Sierras may not come till June. But the Americans take their holidays mainly in summer as schools are closed.

Travelling in USA

United States of America, the top travel destination can be toured by the following modes:

By plane – The quickest and often the most convenient way of long-distance intercity travel in the U.S. is by plane.

Transportation in USABy train – Except for certain densely populated corridors, passenger trains in the United States can be surprisingly scarce and relatively expensive. Rail passes are available for international travelers only.

By Boat – America has the largest system of inland waterways of any country in the world. It is entirely possible to navigate around within the United States by boat.

By car – Most Americans use a car traveling within their city and when traveling to nearby cities in their state or region.

By bus – Intercity bus travel in the United States is widespread, but is not available everywhere.

Organized tours – Organized tours are a great way to see the sites and soak up the local culture – especially if you’re travelling alone or are a first-time traveler. Check out some of the options for tours in USA.

Major Airports in USA

San Diego International Airport
– Los Angeles International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
– Fresno Yosemite International Airport
– Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport
– Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

So, what are you waiting for, just get ready for the tour to United States of America, the top travel destination in the world.

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